Paul Bernard-Hall

JavaScript Developer

Game and Web

JavaScript developer of 4 years. Familiar with most aspects of web development, currently focused on Game Dev with Phaser, React, and TypeScript.

I am most interested in creating RPG's and multi-player experiences. Things that are important to me in games are immersive environments, clear and easy to navigate interfaces, and combat / progression that feels impactful.

I host projects on a Ubuntu Virtual Private Server using NGINX, PM2, and recently Docker. I use Cloudflare to help protect my sites, and SSL certificates from Certbot.


Current work in progress

Phaser.JS, TypeScript


Made to learn Phaser

Phaser.JS, TypeScript


The effect from The Matrix

Canvas, JavaScript

Designs by Tabitha

An artists portfolio

React (NextJS), TypeScript


A Kid-Pix like game

Canvas, JavaScript

Simple Sockets

Non-persistent chat server, JavaScript